Suffering from a Large Tumour in His Stomach, Bakhtiyar Baysufinov from Kazakhstan Found the Right Treatment in India

After 5 years of regular PET Scan, Bakhtiyar Baysufinov thought that he had finally ben cured of stomach cancer. Little did he know that he would have to undergo a medical treatment again. In 2016, when he checked in the hospital at Kazakhstan due to his stomach pain, he found out that there was a large tumour in his stomach. He therefore came to India for his treatment In India Alhuda Medical Tourism took great care of me and was treated by Dr Harit Chaturvedi Head of Oncology and Cancer Treatment, Max Hospital India.

When did you feel that you would have to visit the hospital again?

I had a lot of pain in my stomach. I could feel that there was a ball-like structure in there. So, I went to my doctor back in hospital in Kazakhstan where I got to know from the tests that I have a stomach tumour. Doctors said that it is a large tumour, of about 13cms. It was then that my doctor suggested Alhuda Medical Tourism in India to me, said they could help me get the right treatment. So, I decided to come to India as soon as possible.

Where did you have your treatment in India?

I had my treatment at Max Hospital , Patparganj, New Delhi.

Did your treatment go well at the hospital?

Yes, the treatment went well. Further CT Scan was done when I came here. Doctors & Patients Manager said that a surgical removal of the tumour would be of high risk because of its location. So I had to undergo three sessions of chemotherapy in the hospital while doctor suggested that I should undergo three more sessions of chemotherapy back in Kazakhstan.

How was Alhuda Medical assistance to you in India?

Throughout the three months medical trip Alhuda Medical Tourism had been really helpful. They were there during the chemotherapy sessions and had also done regular follow-ups. They even arranged a nice rented apartment for me and my wife.

Alhuda Medical also helped me to get my medical clearance form approved within two days because of which I didn’t have to change my flight or wait. It is an amazing job that they have done because it takes around five to seven days to get the clearance and I didn’t have much time. Waiting for it would have led to a change in my flight for which I had to incur about 2000 USD extra. Thanks to Rafat for helping me so much. I am really happy with Alhuda’s assistance.