Post Knee Replacement Surgery in India, Mrs. Elena Bailey from Australia Walks Again

Mrs. Elena Bailey from Australia is 61 year old and She had been suffering from knee pain for a couple of years. She, therefore, came to India with her family for her knee treatment.

Where did you have your treatment in India?

I had my treatment at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon, where Dr. Ashok Rajgopal performed a knee replacement surgery on both of my knees.

Did your treatment go well at FMRI?

Yes. I am very happy to say that the treatment provided by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal was very helpful. He made me walk again. Only after two days of the surgery, I could walk and within a week I was completely fit. Dr. Rajgopal didn’t go overboard with my treatment. He diagnosed my problem and told me that I would require a partial knee replacement on one knee while the other required a total knee replacement. So, I loved his diagnosis which was proper and had a practical approach. I should say that it is a miracle and obviously he is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in India, so its not much of an exception.

How did you decide to come to India?
Well, we sought treatments outside Australia and came across Alhuda Medical Tourism over the internet. They responded to our enquiry and suggested a list of the best orthopedic hospitals and doctors in India. So, after talking to them we thought it was reliable and we decided to come to India.

How did Alhuda Medical Tourism Health help you when you were in India?
People at Alhuda Medical Tourism were very helpful. They received us in the airport, took us to our hotel and even accompanied us to the hospital during my treatment. The hotel that we stayed in was also a recommendation of Alhuda Medical Tourism. They helped us in every way possible. It was because of them that we didn’t face any problem in India. Alhuda Medical Tourism has also helped us to look around Delhi.

Did you face any trouble with visa application?
No, we didn’t. Initially we wanted to come via tourist visa but Alhuda Medical Tourism suggested that it is better that we apply for a medical visa since some of the hospitals do not treat patients from abroad without a medical visa. All of their suggestions worked to our profit and I and my family are grateful to them for helping me so much.