Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutritionist and dieticians are health professionals who create diets for people. Teaching patients about health eating is a primary duty, as well as staying aware of developments in medicine and nutrition.

However, there is a difference between dietetics and nutrition: dietetics focuses on food management, whereas nutrition focuses on the promotion of health through healthy food.

Dieticians: They plan, monitor and supervise the diet for patients (with medical conditions like diabetes, food allergies, gastro-intestinal disorders etc.) across hospitals, clinics, health centres, sports centres or their own private clinics.

Dieticians are responsible for recommending proper, as well as corrective, food and eating habits, while taking into account the patient’s health, lifestyle, age, potential allergies and food preferences.

To be a dietician you need to have compulsorily completed a bachelors and/ or masters/ PG diploma degree in Dietetics (in which nutrition can be an added subject.) Some countries like USA/ Canada require dieticians to clear an additional exam after their education in order to qualify to get a licence/ registration to practice.