After Her Intestine Cancer Treatment in, Kyrgyzstan Received a Positive Medical Evaluation in India

Hailing from Kyrgyzstan, Madina Kirgizbaeva had her Intestine cancer treatment in her home country. Though the treatment went well, just to be sure she wanted to go for a further medical evaluation and arrived in India.

“I underwent a surgery for intestine cancer followed by chemotherapy sessions in kyrgyzstan. But still I wanted to go for an evaluation elsewhere so that I get to know whether I have any risks or side effects or if the cancer is recurrent or not”, said Madina.

Madina along with her husband searched for treatment options in the internet.  “I looked up in the internet about other hospitals and medical facilities and that’s how I got to know about Alhuda Medical Tourism in India. After submitting my query I got a call from their patient manager. I was in touch with her for at least two months”, said Madina.

Accompanied by her husband, Madina arrived in India and was escorted to Max Hospital, New Delhi . “The process of evaluation was very organized and systematic. Patient Manager and Doctor both assisted me to understand my condition post cancer treatment, the precautions I should take and the guidelines I should follow to maintain my health. The hospital is excellent. It provides me everything that I need for cancer treatment. After my visit to the hospital I felt assured and I am very happy that reports came out clean”, she smiled.

On commenting about the services provided by Alhuda Medical Tourism, she said, “The assistance of Alhuda Medical is commendable. I cannot imagine my medical trip to be so hassle free. My case manager has been really helpful in guiding me throughout. He even filled my visa application form. By the time I landed in the country, airport pickup and an accommodation was already arranged for me. Though in this case I must suggest that, you, as a patient should be vocal about your accommodation preferences. All in all, it has been a very good experience to
receive a medical evaluation through Alhuda’s help. I wish the whole team good luck!”