Hope Martin Arrived traveled to in India for a Cancer Treatment

Hope Martin was diagnosed with early stage Oral/Mouth cancer in his home country Ethiopia.
After searching for some time online, we came across Alhuda Medical Tourism Health. They told us that PET scan is available in India, it is very affordable and indeed it is”, . In India,Hope Martin went to Max New Delhi where her PET scan was performed and was operated one of the finest Head and Neck Oncologist, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi

“Given the uncertainty of what the results would be, I was a bit nervous and curious before my PET Scan. But, thankfully, I am assured now that I am completely fine and cancer will not bother me anymore. Max Hospital is an excellent hospital with latest medical technology. Dr. Harit Chaturvedi has been really helpful to me.

Happy with quick and consistent assistance provided by the team of Alhuda Medical Tourism, Hope Martin said, “With the help of Alhuda Medical Tourism, our medical travel experience to India has been remarkable. They are professional, organized and very responsible. Apart from imparting the necessary information to us about the hospitals, doctors and the cost of the treatment, ample assistance has also been given to us regarding visa application