Health and wellness

Health and wellness is a matter of choice in India. At every moment in life we face a situation where we make a choice. This choice could be constructive or destructive, positive or negative, for harmony and balance or against harmony and balance, towards order and health or away from order and health. This choice is in both perception and reaction. And the end result is effect on health or ill health. The role of genes plays in a wide range and choice we intend it to unfold. In nut shell our condition is a sum of choices we have made. Choice is like a seed which creates our destiny. The role we play is more important than genes and environment. It is required to have a balance between pleasure and pain. Excess of one will surely result in other.
Our pure state of being is abundant physical and mental flow of energy and if choice made, it can be regained. To regain health it is important to progress towards harmony and balance. Wellness can constantly persist in combination to physical wellness, intellectual wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, environmental wellness and spiritual evolution. To attain constant state of health and wellness one need to Develop wisdom and attitude of health by making right, constructive, positive choices.Take comprehensive, holistic, dynamic treatment to support till self power is fully emerged.

The conception can be said to be a foundation at which a person starts its unique identity and there begins its journey of life. Based on the foundation of genes a person starts its unique perception of self and environment along with the dynamic interaction between the two. This leads to unique differentiation of self i.e. the State of Being. When a state of being is fully evolved it leads to free flow of nature’s energy and life force resulting in natural positive holistic health and journey of wellness.