Diabetes and Endocrinology

Diabetes Specialists in India

Alhuda Medical Tourism provides the best diabetes specialists in India. Diabetes is a broad spectrum of metabolic diseases, and Blood sugar treatment in India characterized by impaired glucose metabolism. In addition to metabolic pathways, these diseases also manifest hormonal disturbances. Diabetes & Endocrinology Journals present the latest developments in the fields of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

Blood sugar treatment in India

Ancillary topics such as metabolism and diabetic complications are also covered under the scope of these Journals. Diabetes & Endocrinology Journals contribute to the discussion of various treatment strategies and identification of potential diabetic agents.

By virtue of publishing formats such as reviews, commentaries, and news and views, these journals encapsulate the latest developments in Diabetes research, and further new hypotheses in order to provoke scientific debates amongst scholars.

Endocrinology and diabetes is predominantly an outpatient specialty but a number of patients require hospital admission for complex investigations or the management of complications. Furthermore, at least 15% of hospital inpatients have diabetes mellitus or other endocrine conditions.

Increasingly, hospital-based specialists manage diabetes patients jointly with colleagues in primary care and training has been adjusted to reflect this. Patients usually have chronic conditions and management is holistic and long term often in a multidisciplinary team fashion.

Endocrinologists and diabetologists treat conditions such as:

• diabetes mellitus
• thyroid disease
• lipid disorders
• endocrine disorders of the reproductive system, such as polycystic ovary syndrome
• adrenal disease
• bone and calcium disorders
• pituitary disease
• endocrine late effects of cancer treatment

Common procedures/interventions

These include:
• programmed investigations for complex endocrine disorders
• pre and post-operative management of endocrine patients and patients with diabetes
• management of diabetic and endocrine emergencies such as ketoacidosis and hypercalcaemia
• management of diabetes and endocrine conditions during pregnancy
• multidisciplinary working with colleagues including specialist nurses, allied healthcare professionals,
and other specialist clinicians Sub-specialties.

Many endocrinologists and diabetologists develop sub-specialty interests such as:

• diabetes in pregnancy
• paediatric and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology
• diabetic renal disease
• diabetic neuropathy and foot problems
• diabetic eye disease
• thyroid problems
• pituitary and adrenal disease
• reproductive endocrinology
• endocrine late effects of cancer treatment
• lipid disorders
• bariatric medicine
• metabolic bone disease
• neuroendocrine tumours