Ali Bin Saud from Jordan who came to India for Spine Surgery

Ali Bin Saud 60 from Jordan who came to India for Spine Surgery,All the way from Jordan recently came down to India with his wife to get a permanent relief from a Spine problem. He found India to be a suitable place for his treatment. With a satisfactory smile spread across his face, he now shares his experience in India.
He was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis, a condition of Spine in which one bone in the back (vertebra) slides forward over the bone below it. This can cause back pain and numbness or weakness in one or both legs.
He has been experiencing back pain for a couple of years. Even after several medication and treatments, he faced a lot of problems.

Why did you choose India over other countries for your treatment?
My problem couldnt be treated in Jordan hence I started looking out. Cost in US/UK where I have a family too, was almost ten times of that in India. New Zealand and Australia had treatments which were 3-4 times costlier than the treatment in India. Quality of hospitals and doctors in India is at par with the best, there was no waiting time, hence I chose India!

How did you come across Alhuda Medical Tourism?
Well, when you are looking for your treatment abroad, you would need a good medical travel facilitator. I looked up the internet and went through Alhuda Medical Tourism’s website. It was at that time I realized that they were a very reliable source and I contacted them. Things moved at a fast pace after that.

How did you choose the doctor and the hospital for your treatment?
Alhuda Medical Tourism took my case to multiple hospitals and within a week shared recommendations from 5 senior doctors. I was particularly impressed with Dr. Anil Arora of Max Hospital in New Delhi. Dr.Anil Arora is a renowned Spine Surgeon

How was your experience with the doctor and the hospital?
Immediately after I arrived in India, I was taken to meet Dr. Anil Arora. As instructed I went through some tests and by next day I was admitted in the hospital for my Surgery.

How did you choose your accommodation in India?
Vaidam arranged everything for me and provided me hotel options that were within my budget. The hotel that I chose was 5 minutes ride from the hospital.

How many days did you have to stay in the hospital?
I had to stay in the hospital for only 3 days, and 10 days in hotel for physiotherapy and recovery. The physiotherapist was arranged by Alhuda Medical Tourism.

How did you feel about your treatment in India?
It was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Arora’s diagnosis and prompt treatment is commendable. Within 2 days after the Surgery I could walk. From the hotel to the hospital, everything is so prim and proper and also technologically advanced.
My wife also travelled with me. She too got her Comprehensive Heart Check-up done. After recovery, we wanted to do some shopping and sight-seeing, all that was well arranged by Alhuda Medical Tourism.

Would you like to give any suggestions for the people who are willing to travel to India for their treatment?
I strongly recommend India for its high standards in medical treatment, and the prices here, too, are cheaper than anywhere else in the world. There are many options for hospitals and doctors here. You can choose one for your treatment after discussing with your Case Manager who will guide the whole time