Alhuda Medical Tourism India providing you the best healthcare tourism Facility in India. Alhuda assists you in providing best Doctors and Hospitals in India. We are one of the best medical tourism company in india. India is the best place for the Medical Service. We provides best medical services in india. We providing the best Doctors and Hospitals in India for treatment at affordable price. Alhuda Medical Tourism India assure you in Travel and Staying with complete Care of patient. AlHuda Medical Tourism India is a one stop solution for all the medical assistance starting from getting you an appointment with best doctors in India to your need of travelling from your country to India,to airport transfers to 5 Star lodging to food to translators to local transport to local sight seeing. Use our vast network of resources to liaison with these hospitals on behalf of the patients assure level of care they needed is matching with the best in international care standards.

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Patient Experiences/Stories

Rokhila Ravshanova / Colon Cancer / Uzbekistan

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Hope Martin / Oral Cancer Surgery / Ethopia

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Bakhtiyar Baysufinov / Large Tumour / Kazakhstan

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Madina Sal'menbayeva / Brain Surgery / Kazakistan

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Jasmine Frank / Hip Replacement / Mauritius

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Mrs. Elena Bailey / Knee Replacement / Australia

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Madina Kirgizbaeva / Cancer Treatment / Kyrgyzstan

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Ali Bin Saud / Spine Surgery / Jordan

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Latest Medical News From India

Happening from the field of Medicine

13 Jan: Medanta Becomes The First Hospital In India To Successfully Use Stent For Brain pCONus Aneurysm

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13 Jan: Living After Death – A Heart Transplant Story

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13 Jan: World’s Smallest Pacemaker Implanted In A 92-Year-Old At Medanta

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13 Jan: Scar Free And Painless Removal Of Benign Tumors Of Breast Now Available In India

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13 Jan: Youngest Indian Male Undergoes Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

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19 May: Life Saving Creativity- 3D Printed Titanium Spine

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